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Enhance Paper Quality with Our Advanced Bead Mills

In the pulp and paper manufacturing process, different types of pulpers or refiners are typically used to transform raw materials like wood or recycled paper into pulp, which is an initial stage of papermaking.

Bead mills, on the other hand, are commonly used in industries like chemicals, coatings, and inks for micro-grinding and dispersion processes.

In the production of thermal paper, the pulp is processed through standard papermaking to form the base paper. Then, a special chemical mixture that can change color upon exposure to heat is applied as a coating on the surface of this base paper. The role of the bead mill here is to ensure that these chemical components are finely ground and evenly dispersed. This ensures a uniform coating during application, which improves the print quality and consistency of the thermal paper.

Optimization of particle fineness for superior results
Sub-micron level grinding for improved performance
Wet grinding for thermal paper and more
Smart systems handle multiple processes for less effort exerted
Improved printing performance with finely tuned particle sizes


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