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Different paper textures achieved in one pulp and paper machinery.

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Bead mill Paper Grinding Machines for improving the Production Cycle

Bead mill technology of pulper machines has a wide range of applications in the paper industry. It is primarily used to remove and grind lignin, cellulose, and other organic and inorganic impurities from pulp.

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Application Of Paper Making Machine

The following are some specific applications of paper pulp mill machine:

  • Lignin removal: pulp mill machines are used to grind lignin into small particles, making it easier to remove from the pulp. This helps improve the efficiency and quality of the pulping process.
  • Fiber modification: paper pulp mill making equipment can modify the fiber properties of the pulp, such as fiber length and flexibility, to improve the material strength and reduce the amount of fiber needed.
  • Filler grinding: machines can granulate fillers, like calcium carbonate, into small particles to improve the filler dispersion in the paper and enhance its properties, such as brightness and opacity.
  • Coating preparation: machines can prepare coating formulations by milling pigments and binders into small particles, which improves the uniformity and stability of the coating.


Grinding fineness is an important parameter for evaluating the performance of bead mills. The typical particle size range after milling is several microns to tens of microns. The grinding fineness may vary depending on the specific application and the type of material being ground. However, our equipment is capable of achieving finer particle sizes than other grinding technologies, which helps improve the quality and efficiency of the final product.

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Reaching nanometer fineness for proper processing
Costs less energy to ensure more affordable mass production
Custom designs to align with your specifications
Smart systems handle multiple processes for less effort exerted
On-site debugging and technical support for easier usage


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