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Optimize Your Battery Production Processes with wet grinding solution

Allwin’s bead mill is an ideal wet grinding solution for battery cell manufacturers seeking to optimize their production processes. With 30 years of experience in the industry, we offer direct support for wet milling and dispersing to battery manufacturing hubs worldwide. Our bead mills are specifically designed to grind materials such as lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) to create particles with a narrow size distribution and high purity, ranging from 200nm to 500nm, which improves the performance and reliability of battery cells.

In addition to LiFePO4, our bead mills can disperse and homogenize a wide range of materials and formulations used in battery electrode production, including active materials, binders, and conductive additives. We offer a range of models with varying sizes and capacities to meet specific production needs and budget requirements.

By providing precise particle size control and efficient grinding performance, our bead mills can help streamline production processes and increase throughput. If you are looking to improve your battery production processes and optimize the performance of your battery cells, contact our team today to learn more about our bead mill solutions for the battery industry.

wet grinding machine for battery industry
Particle fineness at 200-500nm
Within 50°C for stable operations
Energy-saving machinery
Durable steel construction prevents overheating and corrosion
Customized parts can improve performance

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