Paint & Ink Grinding Machines

Achieving an infinite array of pigment compositions with paint grinding machines by Allwin.

Durable and High-Efficient Machines

Revolutionize Ink and Paint Manufacturing with Allwin's Bead Mills

Superior Dispersion Technology: Our bead mills excel in dispersing pigments and resins, creating fine, uniform particles. This results in exceptionally stable and consistent colors, a significant advancement over traditional three-roll mills.

Efficient and Precise: Experience unparalleled efficiency and color control with our paint bead mills. The ability to finely tune bead size and density allows for precise particle size distribution, achieving ranges from 1 to 100 micrometers.

Innovative Solutions for Pigment Processing: Allwin stands at the forefront of ink grinding technology. Our high-quality sand mills are specifically designed for pigment processing, employing mechanical shear and grinding methods for optimal material processing.

Customizable and User-Friendly: Tailored to meet diverse manufacturing needs, our pigment mills are not only customizable but also prioritize ease of operation, maintenance, and cleaning – perfect for high-demand production settings.

The Allwin Advantage: As a crucial tool in the pigment industries, our grinding machines ensure uniformity and stability in colors, enhancing production efficiency. The paint grinding machine’s precise control over particle size and distribution makes it indispensable in ink and paint manufacturing.

wet grinding machine for inks and paints industry
Improve dispersion for color uniformity and stability
Increased color uniformity, stability, and coating adhesion
Enhanced printing and coating effects with precise particle sizing
Achieve fineness from 1-100 microns
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