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Customized Agitator Tanks by Allwin

At Allwin, we specialize in customizing agitator tanks, designing them to withstand the rigorous challenges of various chemicals and liquids in demanding work environments without succumbing to corrosion or extreme temperature variations. Our agitator tanks are crafted using high-quality materials such as stainless steel and other abrasion-resistant alloys to ensure the structural integrity of the tank, enabling continuous and reliable use.

The design is aimed at effectively blending liquids or particulate materials within the container, achieving uniformity and consistency. Agitator tanks find extensive applications in industries such as chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, and water treatment, facilitating processes like dissolution, mixing, reactions, and other industrial operations. The size and shape of agitator tanks can be customized to specific production requirements, ensuring optimal mixing efficiency and process performance.

Allwin is committed to maintaining exceptional quality standards through rigorous supplier vetting and the adoption of advanced manufacturing processes. In our automated production facilities, we not only offer multiple sets of agitator tanks at competitive prices but also cater to your personalized needs.

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Productive CSTR Pressure Reactors

A continuous stirred tank reactor is a highly effective and easy-to-handle machine for blending all sorts of liquids (including chemicals, solvents, and reactants). Its construction consists of a vessel into which liquids are poured with a reactor installed inside it.

The stable work of the reactor allows for achieving more effective mixing, which results in a better reaction between blending chemical components. The machine functions under stable conditions continuously to get ideally mixed substances and avoid sediment.

  • The CSTR tank is made of stainless steel SUS 304/316.
  • The volume capacity ranges between 100-1500 l.
  • The body thickness varies from 1.5 mm to 3 mm, matching with volume.
  • Its cover is mirror- or pull-polished.
  • Two types of bottoms are possible, namely, flat and arch ones.
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Customized Stirred Tank Reactors to Meet Your Needs

When applying the machine for production needs, customization comes as a key aspect for long-term operation, since different production processes require specific modifications. The customization process allows for dealing with a wide range of tasks and coping with them more effectively. The following components and units can be customizable in CSTR machines:

  • the reactor tank’s shape;
  • size;
  • construction materials.

If needed, additional hardware can be added. For example, heat exchangers and agitators are attached to achieve better performance and guarantee the secure and durable operation of the machine.

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We Made It Top-Quality

Allwin is a certified manufacturer of high-quality machines. We are strictly committed to providing high-quality CSTR pressure reactors to handle various liquids and chemicals. Our products are certified, tested, and customizable to clients’ needs.

Having existed on the market since 1993, our company has evolved into a large-scale enterprise for the production of durable and licensed equipment for factories, laboratories, and other facilities. Nowadays, we are a recognizable brand with a high reputation proved by years of existence in the industry.

Classification of reactor CSTR

There are three types of classifications according to different criteria. If we take into account the internal pressure during functioning, machines fall into:

  1. a positive pressure reactor;
  2. an atmosphere pressure reactor;
  3. a negative pressure reactor.

Another classification focuses on the heat transfer structure. Here, the next subtypes are pointed out:

  1. internal coil modification;
  2. jacketed kind;
  3. external half-pipe variation;
  4. combination type.

One more classification exists. In this case, technicians consider the form of agitation. Multiple kinds are available here. Here are some of them: dispersed disk, helical ribbon, anchor, paddle, or frame modifications.

Our Benefits

  • automated machinery is used to satisfy quotas;
  • adherence to strict ISO:9001 protocols to eliminate the need for maintenance;
  • effective control at all stages of production;
  • cooperation with trusted suppliers of raw materials;
  • machines undergo in-house testing before being supplied to clients;
  • we use diverse methods to guarantee hardware quality;
  • self-developed technologies application for new machinery development.

Finally, we offer an affordable CSTR reactor price. The cost of machinery fully corresponds to the quality of equipment.

Our company is a reliable supplier of high-quality machinery that will serve your facility for long years and guarantee the perfect blending of any substances.


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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.