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Custom Wet Grinding System

Save time in grinding multiple materials through our advanced wet grinding systems, equipped with smart factory operations that carry out multiple functions. We improve grinding speed through the addition of quality agitator bead mills, mixers, and delivery pumps, as well as sensors that help enable more accurate wet grinding of finer particles.

Through our experience and self-developed technology, we can create varied wet grinding systems capable of meeting your needs in short lead times and reaching nanometer fineness. Following ISO:9001 standards, we ensure every machine works optimally and withstands pressure from extreme environments.

Flexible Design of Production Line

Our experts help analyze your needs of particle size, material characteristics, production capacity, and your plant layout & temperature restrictions to customize your personalized wet grinding production line.

Production Line Layout Design

  • Automation to guarantee the efficiency
  • Reasonable layout adapts to different workshop space requirements

Processing Considerations

  • Based on your industry and processing needs
  • Fully functional machinery, from material storage to mixing and grinding

Formulation & Materials

  • Be right for your material characteristics: fluidity, viscosity, density, pH, corrosion resistance, etc.
  • Grind to your desired particle size
  • Take temperature restrictions into account

Technical Specifications

  • Output needs
  • Power
  • Frequency conversion
  • Explosion-proof motors

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We Made It Top-Quality

We have the experience to handle the complete production of complex parts and develop new designs that meet the growing challenges of any industry.


As we customize our wet grinding systems for specific customers, we apply our experience to realize unique designs and process complex parts suited for different needs. Our CNC machines save much time as each station can help complete production within a short lead time, resulting in faster custom orders.


For longevity to be secured, we measure the material’s durability and resistance to chemicals and temperature to ensure we use the right parts for our different machines. Belt conformance tests monitor the equipment’s ability to load grinding media and voltage all at once.


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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.