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Integrated Solution for Wet Grinding Production Lines

Allwin provides a tailored solution for you, encompassing the entire process from production workflow design, equipment supply, automation control systems, to on-site debugging and comprehensive support services.

Whether it’s a new production line or an upgrade and retrofit of existing lines

Through our specialized technical expertise and comprehensive support, we aim to assist you in achieving efficient and stable operation of your production lines, enhancing productivity, and reducing costs.

Allwin offers turnkey project services

Explore the detailed points to gain a clearer understanding of each aspect, facilitating a better grasp of the integrated solution offered by Allwin.

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Production Workflow Design

  • Process Optimization: Optimize wet grinding, mixing, and dispersion processes to enhance production efficiency.
  • Raw Material Handling: Design effective steps for raw material processing to ensure stable operation of the production line.
  • Product Separation: Optimize product separation steps to improve product quality and yield.

Equipment Supply

  • Equipment Quality: Provide high-quality wet grinding, mixing, and dispersion equipment.
  • Process Integration: Ensure equipment seamlessly integrates with the production workflow design.
  • Technological Innovation: Incorporate the latest technology and innovative equipment to meet diverse production needs.

Automation Control Systems

  • Advanced Control Systems: Provide advanced automation control systems for precise control.
  • Collaboration: Ensure collaboration of automation control systems at each stage.
  • Level of Intelligence: Enhance the intelligence of the production line and reduce human errors.

On-Site Debugging

  • Professional Team: Deploy a specialized team for on-site equipment debugging and optimization.
  • Normal Operation: Ensure equipment operates smoothly on-site.
  • Optimal Performance: Optimize equipment to achieve optimal performance throughout the entire production process.

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We Made It Top-Quality

We have the experience to handle the complete production of complex parts and develop new designs that meet the growing challenges of any industry.


As we customize our wet grinding systems for specific customers, we apply our experience to realize unique designs and process complex parts suited for different needs. Our CNC machines save much time as each station can help complete production within a short lead time, resulting in faster custom orders.


For longevity to be secured, we measure the material’s durability and resistance to chemicals and temperature to ensure we use the right parts for our different machines. Belt conformance tests monitor the equipment’s ability to load grinding media and voltage all at once.


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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.