Grinding to Nano-Sizes

Turnkey Wet Grinding & Dispersing Equipment

Allwin’s fine industrial mill grinder machines and systems help meet production needs in diverse spheres.


Our grinding dispersion equipment

Allwin designed and manufactured a line of wet grinding machinery for producing mixtures of outstanding homogeneity.

wet grinding machine

Bead Mill

An essential component in wet grinding operations, our agitator bead mills use grinding beads to help grind materials into a consistent homogeneous mix.

high speed disperser


As part of the wet milling system, our high-speed dispersers are powerful mixers that readily break and disperse processed materials.

auxiliary machinery

Auxiliary Machinery

From grinding media filling machines to filters, our auxiliary machinery boosts the performance of our machines and guarantees safer operations.



Keeping the liquid mixture contained and warm, our tanks are made with durable steel to withstand corrosion and extreme temperatures.

Grinding Media

With the features of great impact, corrosion, and abrasion resistance performance, our zirconia bead is the ideal media for the process.

custom wet grinding system

Custom Wet Grinding System

We customize a full wet grinding plant catered to specific applications, complete with auxiliary machinery for a more efficient process.


Made to Fit Your Plant and Application Needs

Grinding requirements differ per sphere as different particle fineness determines the composition of a product, such as pharmaceutical, paints, and other chemical products.

As such, Allwin provides bespoke solutions based on careful and attentive research and realized with our self-developed nanotechnology.

Machine Structure

Chamber Volumes and Materials

Mechanical & Electrical Needs

Particle Sizes and Viscosity

Capacity and Efficiency

Energy-saving Design


Solutions for Diverse Industries

For specific industrial requirements and standards, our experts are capable of designing and producing industrial grinding mills to help get higher production capability.


We Define the Quality

Our senior engineer Yongqi Wang designed the first bead mill in China and drafted industrial standards for sand mill production in China. With these technical understanding, we rise in the industry as specialists in creating solutions that are more responsive and high-performance to any industry’s needs than our peers.

High-quality Materials and Parts

Strict SOP for Production

Well-managed Quality Inspection and Test

Allaround Test Reports


Why Work with Allwin

Our services begin with experience and end with innovation.

10K+ sales in 180+ cities and exported to multiple countries.

Established in 1993 with a founder who designed China's first bead mill.

Highly efficient, energy-saving, and stable, saving 30% energy compared to traditional Equipment.

Experience Began in 1993

We developed the first bead mill in China, firmly setting Chongqing as the sand mill capital and expanding to support different industries.

Nano Milling Technology

Nano Milling Technology determines the appropriate shear and pumping speeds to grind various materials to the specific particle fineness required by your industry, ranging from micrometers to nanometers.

Bespoke Solution

Our experience with numerous industries helps us produce any kind of custom system thanks to our specialized technology.

One-Stop Services

From consulting to production and after-sales services, you can count on our professional experts and hassle-free processes.


Our Clients

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Insights into Wet Grinding

Allwin’s blogs are where you’ll find the latest topics and the most professional insights from our wet grinding machine specialists.

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Different Types of Grinding Media

Wet Grinding vs. Dry Grinding


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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.