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Enhancing MLCC/LTCC Production with Advanced Bead Mill Technology

We understand the critical importance of producing multilayer ceramic capacitor (MLCC) and low-temperature co-fired ceramic (LTCC) components. Our advanced bead mill technology is specifically designed to meet the unique needs of these industries, delivering superior results and performance.

With our precision grinding and dispersing capabilities, our bead mills can produce ultra-fine particles ranging from 0.1 to 5 micrometers, ensuring exceptional particle size and distribution control for optimal component performance. Our mills are designed with customizable grinding bead size and density, providing flexibility for a wide range of material and additive processing needs.

Our bead mills are ideal for grinding and dispersing a variety of materials, including titanium dioxide, alumina, zirconia, and lead titanate, as well as additives such as dispersants and binders. Our mills are designed for easy operation, maintenance, and cleaning, ensuring maximum uptime and efficiency.

At Allwin, we’re committed to delivering the highest quality bead mill technology to the MLCC and LTCC industries. With our advanced capabilities, we’re able to help our customers achieve higher material utilization, greater production efficiency, and superior product performance.

bead mill machine for MLCC/LTCC industry
Wet grinding for fine processing of ceramic materials in MLCC/LTCC
Improved electronic component fineness and stability
Complete wet grinding system offers labor-saving processes
Achieve Micron to Nanometer fineness
Wet Grinding Expert Since 1993


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