High-performance wet grinding of cosmetic ingredients.

Single Source of Wet Grinding Machines

The Key to Achieving the Desired Texture and Fineness in Cosmetics Manufacturing

Allwin offers bead mill technology for the cosmetics and skincare industries, widely used to grind, disperse, and mix various raw materials for achieving desired fineness and texture. Bead mills are used in different applications, including creating various foundation types, lightweight liquid, cushion, and creamy foundations, requiring a particle size range of 5 to 20 micrometers. They are also used for lipsticks and lip glosses, where common particle size ranges from 1 to 10 micrometers, and eyeshadow and blush, where the required particle size is typically 5 to 30 micrometers. Bead mills are used to grind and disperse facial mask ingredients, including powder and liquid components, achieving a uniform mixture and desired texture, with a common particle size range of 10 to 100 micrometers. Bead mills are essential tools for cosmetics and skincare manufacturers to achieve the desired particle size and texture, critical to the appearance, texture, and performance of the product. Using mechanical shear and grinding methods, bead mills disperse and grind raw materials into a uniform powder or liquid suspension, widely used in manufacturing lipstick, foundation, eyeshadow, nail polish, cream, lotion, and other cosmetics and skincare products.

wet milling machine for cosmetic industry
Nanometer fineness offers numerous combinations
Saves space as one system can handle multiple functions
Effective filtration maintains cosmetic quality
Comes with auxiliary machines to improve efficiency
After-sales services, from technical support to on-site training


Successful Cases in the Industry

Wet Grinding vs. Dry Grinding

Principles of Bead Mill Technology

How to Solve the Problem of Grinding Beads Broken by a Bead Mill?

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