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A Wet Bead Milling Expert in China

A bead mill is a machine that is utilized for grinding and dispersing solid-liquid mixtures into uniform particles, reducing their size to a range of 300 microns to 100 nanometers. This equipment is considered the most advanced in its class.

When selecting the appropriate model, various factors need to be taken into consideration, including the desired feed and discharge fineness, material viscosity, permissible grinding temperature, production capacity, color, presence of flammable or explosive substances, acidity or alkalinity, toxicity, and restrictions on pollutants. The feed viscosity of the material should not exceed 15000 cP (maximum 20000 cP).

Our agitator wet milling machines offer exceptional process control and flexibility. By utilizing a rotating shaft that causes beads to collide, our wet grinding machines can rapidly and precisely reduce particles to nanometer fineness. Moreover, the mills’ robust feeding pump and energy-efficient design make them a highly cost-effective solution.

Depending on your requirements, our equipment utilizes Yttria Stabilized Zirconia Grinding Beads as the primary grinding media for nano-material processing. Our wet mill grinders’ ultra-fine efficiency makes them suitable for a wide range of applications, including Lithium battery, cosmetics, coatings, paints, inks, papermaking, and other non-metallic mineral industries.

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Dedicated to Every Detail and Parts

What makes our bead mills special? Difficult to grind materials require more powerful grinding systems to ensure materials are within the specified amount, which helps different industries get the exact materials they need.

Implementing our bead mills in your plants boosts productivity without requiring regular maintenance. Our deep understanding of wet grinding and exquisite design ensure our machines are high-performance and user-friendly for any team.

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Standing Close to Your Customization Needs

Our bead mills grind materials into fine particles suited for a wide array of industrial applications. Before customizing, we consider the environment and ambient temperature where our mills will be installed to ensure safer operations.

As wet grinding requirements differ with every industry, we use different materials for the inner cylinders, feed pumps, and other components. Our mature supply chain supports us in acquiring these components within short lead times and at affordable prices. Through our advanced CNC machines, we shape and process our materials to meet the specifications you require for precise bead mill operations.


Quality is the Only Focus

Allwin is dedicated to bringing out the potential of our agitator bead mills, acquiring from reliable suppliers different raw materials and electrical parts, and customizing parts according to your application needs.


Our factory is equipped with automated production lines and advanced CNC machining to handle multiple operations. Attentive factory management enables us to cut parts more accurately, and assemble with care. As a result of our automated processes, we manage to produce 100w pcs annually and within lead times.


For speed and performance, we apply the load test that inserts zirconia beads in the barrel to replicate the grinding process and identify any quality issues. To make our machines explosion or hazard-proof, we calibrate every mill prior to delivery, preventing overvoltage, overheating, and other malfunctions that occur.

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Allwin worker is testing bead mill machine
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