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Considerate services to support all Allwin’s projects around the world.

We Support All Businesses

Our milling solutions are applicable for numerous customer groups thanks to our experience in producing complex, intricate parts and designs that meet a wide host of applications.


Successful plants need optimal machinery that produces for high-demand applications. Applying the latest technology and using our premium materials prolongs the service life of our machines to optimize and maintain your operations.

Machine Distributors

Distributors look for machinery that helps a variety of customer groups. To help with their needs, we custom-build our wet milling equipment to perform under specifications within the region and appear more recognizable to wider audiences.


High-Performance Wet Grinding Machines Supply

We provide precise and efficient wet grinding machines to meet all needs in your plants and markets.

Bead Mill

An essential component in wet grinding operations, our agitator bead mills use grinding beads to help grind materials into a consistent homogeneous mix.


As part of the wet milling system, our high-speed dispersers are powerful mixers that readily break and disperse processed materials.

Auxiliary Machinery

From grinding media filling machines to filters, our auxiliary machinery boosts the performance of our wet grinding mills and guarantees safer operations.


Keeping the liquid mixture contained and warm, our tanks are made with durable steel to withstand corrosion and extreme temperatures.

milling beads

Grinding Media

With the features of great impact, corrosion, and abrasion resistance performance, our zirconia bead is the ideal media for fine wet grinding.

custom wet grinding system

Custom Wet Grinding System

We customize a full wet grinding plant catered to specific applications, complete with auxiliary machinery for a more efficient grinding process.


After-Sales Service and Support

Find yourself a reliable team that replies promptly to your requests and comes on-site to train your staff or handle debugging procedures.

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Reply Within 24 Hours

Start your project with us through our open line of communication that responds to your needs 24/7. For design concerns or project updates, our experts are prepared to offer their professional advice.


Provide Professional Training

Get comprehensive training from our technical staff, who support distributors in marketing our product line informatively and help plants operate our machines more easily.


Support On-site Debugging

To maintain the quality of your plant’s machinery, we send our expert engineers to resolve any technical issues on-site or install the machinery in your plants.


1-year Warranty

Replace broken parts or faulty machinery for free through our warranty policy, which helps reduce costs and ensures your plant or store has well-maintained wet grinding machinery for sustained use.


Start Your Project at Allwin

From the beginning to the end, our experts will take good care of all details of your wet grinding solution.


Analyze Your Needs

Match the Right Machine

Custom Solution

Offer a Reasonable Price

Carry Out Production

Manage Quality




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You Can Count on Our Wet Milling Tech and Experience

Allwin hosts a powerful factory for the timely production of diverse wet grinding solutions and components. For 29 years, we worked with different plants and distributors, giving us the experience and capability to create custom wet grinding mills for any application.

Through our technology and expertise, we provide machines that perform longer and save energy costs that translate to more profitable operations.

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

Get In Touch

*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.

Get In Touch

*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.