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Your reliable source of wet milling and dispersing machines.

The Leading Wet Grinding Machine Manufacturer in China

Established in 1993 in the sand mill capital of China, Chongqing, Allwin specializes in wet grinding equipment that serves numerous enterprises. Our line of machinery ranges from powerful bead mills to dispersers and custom wet grinding equipment that is designed to meet your specifications.

We have a ISO-certified factory complete with horizontal four-axis machining centers, 8 CNC machine tools, and plasma cutting welding robots, handling multiple purposes within a single fast procedure. Beyond producing to fill the supply of our global customers, we conduct innovative research to face new challenges and improve the performance of our machinery.

Today, we sell over 10,000 devices and provide complete services with different brands, plants, and distributors in Japan, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand; America: Mexico, and Uruguay.

Story & Mission

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

We aim to constantly and consistently produce wet milling machinery of high value to your market.

From the insights we get from data and market analysis, we manufacture better mills and double the speed of our innovation and technological advancement for smoother operations.

By making our machines more efficient and knowing what our customers need, we meet your standards and help your brand grow in value.

Our Team

Combining youthful spirit with a passion for service, our staff share talents and experiences to realize your vision and deliver the quality you pay for.

Led by our senior engineer, the developer of the first agitator bead mill in China, our engineers and designers carry out complex tasks and can translate your ideas into feasible solutions precisely.


Our Patents and Certificates

Specialized and Sophisticated Enterprise

Excellent Supplier in the Coating Industry in 2015

Famous Brand Award for Coating Equipment in 2015

Excellent Pesticide Equipment Supplier in 2021

Quality Management System Certification Certificate (ISO9001)

Intellectual Property Management System Certification

Entry-exit inspection and quarantine declaration enterprise filing

Registration Form for Foreign Trade Operators


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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.