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Refine the materials to nanometer finesse efficiently.

Laboratory High Speed Dispersers by Allwin

The modern industry of lab equipment manufacturing offers innovative solutions for boosting laboratory efficiency and accelerating workflow. A lab disperser comes as a highly effective multi-functional tool for dispersing and grinding substances using high-tech technology.

The success and wide application of laboratory dispersers are due to their high effectiveness in the sphere. They feature high-speed functionality, which allows for speeding up the workflow and coping with more tasks. Additionally, devices are customizable, easily integrated into production chains, and produce perfect results with 100% mixing. is a reliable producer and supplier of innovative laboratory high-speed dispersers. The company uses high-tech solutions to design effective hardware for specific purposes.

What is a Lab Disperser?

The laboratory high-speed disperser is a modern device that allows for solving multiple tasks, such as liquids mixing for obtaining brand-new solutions. MaxBlend High-Speed Lab Dissolver comes as the newest model of machinery for this purpose. It is a compact device with a heating function. Here are some specs:

  • motor power is 750W;
  • speed range varies from 0 to 8000 r/min;
  • vessel capacity of up to 5 liters.

The device is an indispensable tool for research and development. It allows for mixing different volumes of substances, including small portions.

The Importance Of High Speed Processing

When dealing with chemical solutions and substances, frequently, they are blended at high speed to get 100% mixed solutions and guarantee perfect dispersion. In addition to efficiency and time-saving, high-speed performance guarantees reproducible results, which are crucial in chemical research. A lab high-speed disperser is an ideal solution since users can vary and set the needed speed, thus, achieving them sot effective performance.

Choosing the Right Disperser for your Laboratory

If you plan to buy a laboratory disperser, approach this task seriously. Keep in mind the following tips:

  • Consider power. Make sure that your facility has a powerful distribution unit to feed the devices.
  • Foresee cooling strategies. How will you cool down your hardware? Components heat well when in operation, so make sure to use sufficient cooling devices to remove excess heat and prevent overheating.
  • Check what materials are processed. What substances are you going to mix in it? Recheck whether it is compatible.
  • Test ergonomics. Examine your premise and find a suitable place according to model dimension to make sure that the machine will fit your lab.
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Benefits of Our Lab high Speed Disperser

MaxBlend High-Speed Lab Dissolver is our top model. We eliminated the shortcomings of previous models and improved our products to get this one. Thus, the model has the following advantages over its competitors on the market:

  • Durability: With proper adherence to operating guidelines and timely maintenance, this device will provide years of reliable service. Ensure it is powered and cooled appropriately.
  • Versatility: Our machine can handle various types of products, both dry and liquid, including nanoparticles. Prepare new solutions in just minutes.
  • High-Speed Performance: The device can reach speeds of up to 8000 r/min, ensuring the perfect blending of materials.
  • Customization: Users have the flexibility to configure parameters such as speed, rotation type, and the number of components. These adjustable features enhance the machine’s effectiveness across a range of tasks.
  • Quality Assurance: We take pride in the quality of our machine, which has undergone rigorous testing and certification.


Experience the MaxBlend difference – a superior solution for your lab needs.

Efficient Lab High-Speed Dispersers

Modern labs require equipping with modern machinery that simplifies the workflow and copes with sample production in a matter of a minute. The disperser is one such device. Machinery is designed for high-effective work at high speed to achieve 100% blended solutions and substances for further study and testing.

If you need a high-quality machine for your lab, feel free to explore Allwin’s website. We offer only quality certified devise with high accuracy. If you have any questions, feel free to contact our managers; they will be glad to clarify details and assist in making the right choice.


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