Cover All Wet Grinding and Dispersing Needs

Since 1993, Allwin has handled the production of various wet grinding machinery, from advanced bead mills and dispersers to auxiliary machinery and tanks for additional support. The complex process of wet milling guarantees more accurate particle sizes while using minimal energy. Installing our custom wet grinding systems results in less labor and energy spent and more products released and sold for your brand’s profit to grow.

Our factory is equipped with advanced CNC machinery for organized and complete processing, handling multiple tasks to save time. Conducting in-depth R&D, our experts realize your designs and meet regional specifications to produce more feasible wet grinding machinery models that work precisely for your chosen application.


Fit for new material invention and precision production in various industries, our agitator bead mills apply zirconium silicate beads as the grinding medium to help refine the particles to nanometer fineness within liquid mixtures.

Equipped with a large metallic tank, we can store as much material as needed. Durable stainless steel gives our mills a high cooling effect that helps ensure safe, consistent operations. Automated controls can specify the particle fineness to be achieved for your applications.


Requiring no grinding medium, our dispersers mix materials in liquid to create mixtures of varying textures that help improve quailty production.

Our experience helps us produce dispersers that match unique requirements. We can add custom dispersion impellers for more precise mixing or improve the material of their chambers to ensure the long lifetime of dispersers. Our automated CNC production helps us realize complex components to optimize dispersing action.


We provide an array of auxiliary machinery, including ton bag feeders, elevators, iron removers, heat exchangers, weighing platforms, delivery pumps, and various pipe valves and sensors for smart control.

Thanks to our one-stop production, we can include auxiliary machines into your factory setup or store stock at more affordable prices.


Built for safe storage, our tanks are made with durable, corrosion-resistant stainless steel that we acquire from reliable supply chains. With our CNC machines, we give our tanks a secure structure that can hold as much liquid as required for constant grinding operations.

Given the necessity of clean tanks for wet grinding, we test our materials for food safety when they are applied to food ingredients and other products.


Zirconia grinding media from Allwin guarantees high-speed and micro-fine wet grinding for production in the battery, cosmetics, chemical, pharmaceutical, and more industries.

Thanks to the high abrasion resistance of our zirconia beads, manufacturing plants can improve processing by effectively eliminating grinding contamination and reducing the frequency of grinding media replacement.


Made up of modular machines and precise components, our customized wet grinding systems are complete with auxiliary machines that help optimize the performance of the whole system based on your requirements.

As a complete set, the wet grinding system saves factory space and reduces time and effort in the process of producing fine particles. Our product line works with numerous industries, especially chemical and ceramic plants requiring comprehensive grinding.

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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.