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Revolutionizing Bead Mill Grinding Media Filling

With a diverse range of wet bead mills and factory systems, Allwin’s auxiliary machinery QQ Series stands out with its innovative solution in the grinding media filling process for bead mills. This exclusive patented product offers an excellent combination of speed, efficiency, and precision, perfectly meeting the demands of modern manufacturing.

The notable feature of the QQ Series is its ability to complete the entire filling process in just 10 minutes, a testament to its rapid and efficient design. This automated system ensures the quick filling of grinding media (beads) into bead mills, eliminating the need for time-consuming manual efforts.

Bringing valuable time savings for operators, the innovation allows customers to dedicate more time to other tasks. Remarkably, a satisfied customer reported a significant reduction in bead reload time from a manual 2 hours to an impressive 10 minutes, highlighting the substantial impact of the QQ Series on operational efficiency.

Tailored to accommodate various bead mill sizes, the QQ Series caters to diverse application needs. QQ100 is designed for bead mills below 250 liters, while QQ300 is the ideal choice for larger bead mills exceeding 250 liters.

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