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Product Description

The Homogenizer is a high-efficiency ultra-fine homogenization pump that integrates mixing, dispersing, crushing, dissolving, fine grinding, deagglomerating, homogenizing, emulsifying, and conveying into a single device. It features a three-stage rotor and stator system with twelve layers that progressively narrow from coarse to fine clearances. This design enables superior emulsification effects and higher processing capacities under the same base conditions. During operation, materials are progressively dispersed, refined, and emulsified through the three-stage rotor and stator, significantly enhancing production efficiency. This pump simplifies traditional production processes and substantially improves product quality, making it an ideal replacement for colloid mills. It is perfectly suited for large and medium batch continuous online production or recirculation processes.

Model Specifications

  • Flow Range: 1 m³/h – 190 m³/h
  • Power Range: 5.5 kW – 185 kW


The Homogenizer is ideal for industries that require thorough mixing and emulsification, such as food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and chemical manufacturing. Its ability to handle various viscosities and composite materials makes it an indispensable tool in any process where consistency and fine texture are crucial.

Outstanding Features

Key Performance Advantages of the Homogenizer

  • Three-Stage Rotor and Stator System: Features a meticulously designed multi-layer rotor and stator system that provides efficient and fine emulsification.
  • Enhanced Processing Capacity: The progressively finer gaps between the rotor and stator teeth allow for improved emulsion quality and greater throughput.
  • Integrated Processing Functions: Combines multiple processes like mixing, dispersing, crushing, and more into one efficient unit, enhancing productivity and simplifying operations.
  • High Efficiency and Quality: Dramatically improves production rates and product quality, setting new standards in homogenization technology.
  • Ideal for Scale-Up: Suitable for scaling up to large and medium batch production, offering continuous and recirculative processing capabilities.


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