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Allwin’s bead mills have various applications in the ceramic industry. Commonly used in the wet grinding of ceramic powders to produce fine and uniform particles. Bead mills can also break down the agglomerates of ceramic powders to achieve better dispersion and enhance the properties of the final ceramic product. Additionally, bead mills are used to prepare ceramic slurries for the casting process, which involves the shaping of ceramic parts before firing. The precise particle size and distribution achieved through wet grinding with bead mills can lead to improvements in the final product’s strength, durability, and aesthetics. The grinding fineness of Bead Mills in the ceramics industry generally ranges from several microns to tens of microns, depending on the specific application and material being processed.

Through our R&D, data analysis, and custom design services, we offer a range of different bead mill models with varying sizes and performance rates, all designed with consideration for your budget and other requirements. Contact our team today to explore more options.

For ceramic raw materials, Aluminum Oxide and Zirconium Oxide and more
Enhance density and hardness
Improved surface gloss and product quality
Enhanced ceramic product properties and quality
Sub-micron level grinding


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