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Committed to the continued production of high-end wet grinding mills, our plants are made up of the latest machinery, helmed by a skilled workforce and managed to consistently perform multiple tasks within short lead times.

Set in Chongqing, our factory is strategically located close to our raw materials suppliers to better process them. With advanced technology, we process our materials into advanced parts for our wet milling machinery capable of withstanding corrosion and operating at high temperatures.


Our Figures at a Glance

Guarantee the reliability of your wet grinding machines thanks to the strength and productivity of our factory.

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Manage the Process, Get the Right Result.

Our impeccable factory management enables us to meet deadlines and provide flexible wet grinding solutions to a variety of customers.

With our robust supply chain, we easily reach steel suppliers that provide premium raw material, ensuring the long service life of machines and getting accurate parts for machinery assembly.

Mechanical Seal

We've utilized Siemens display, Siemens electric parts, AirTAC FRL for pneumatic system, and more to ensure the wet grinding performance and meet all mechanical and electrical requirements.

Branded Parts and Components

Allwin produces at efficient rates thanks to our 8 CNC machines, which manage an automated operation to help shape parts more accurately and handle different functions, all within a short time.


Having advanced technology and experienced workers, we process the materials to be made into parts ready for assembly within our advanced factory to meet tight production deadlines.


We continually update our production line and develope our own equipment from intensive R&D. With self-developed devices, our plants operate fast enough to carry out precise shaping, lathing and other processes for a more efficient production.

Plasma cutting

Our quality testing calibrates our wet grinding mills to optimal performance. From raw material inspection to the final load test, we guarantee our machines are safe to use and functional for long periods.


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Our Talented Workers in the Factory

We have a complete set of experts divided into different departments for R&D, production, quality management and marketing.

Our workers follow strict guidelines to guarantee the productivity and wet grinding machine performance.

Meet All Tech Requirements

Having an expansive market reach enables us to intimately familiarize with your region’s requirements, such as explosion protection needs.

While our wet grinding solutions save power costs, we adjust voltage based on different regional electrical requirements through customized parts and high-end metal materials.

For production and budget requirements, we adjust our manufacturing and feeding amount per batch. Considering temperature restrictions, PH value, and corrosion resistance helps to strengthen product lifespan for longer usage.

We make sure that wet grinding machines we designed and produced are cover your needs for the efficiency and safety of production.


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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.