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High-Speed Disperser Mixer

The high-speed agitation disperser is an industrial equipment used for effective and uniform mixing, stirring, and dispersing of solid or liquid particles in liquid or powder media. It consists of an electric motor, agitator, and mixing vessel.

1. Dispersion: Rotating the agitator disperses solid or liquid particles into the liquid medium, preventing aggregation and sedimentation, resulting in a uniform mixture.
2. Mixing: The high-speed rotation of the agitator ensures even distribution of different components, essential for various industries like coatings, dyes, cosmetics, food, and pharmaceuticals.
3. Homogenization: Intense shear forces and turbulent effects refine and uniformly distribute particles in liquid or powder media, crucial for processes requiring fine particles, such as emulsification and dispersion of dyes.
4. Acceleration of chemical reactions: The shear forces and mixing effects facilitate contact between reactants, enhancing reaction rates in certain chemical reactions.

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Productive Dispersers Thanks to Our Detailed Design

Our machines handle efficient mixing and homogenizing liquid mixtures without requiring added labor or support from your team. Within its compact frame, our high speed dissolver mixers  possess disc blades on the mixing shaft sharp enough to agitate the mixture to guarantee even scattering. Through this process, various types of food and other chemical products can be made within a short period of time.

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Customize A Solution to Meet Your Needs

Custom mixers come with different inner cylinders, feed pumps and other components that are designed with consideration to environmental pressures and other factory concerns. With an external bearing housing of our dispersers, we guarantee our dispersers maintain their integrity and can continue operating under any exterior conditions.

We have custom shafts and blades of different sizes and shapes that are made based on your application. This way, your mixing process is smooth in unifying different liquids and solids together and produces consistently precise mixtures. Distributors can also receive custom labels and branding options to draw wider attention to the product line.


We Made It Top-Quality

Allwin is one of the leading high speed disperser machine manufacturers, and we strive for consistent quality through reliable raw material supply, self-developed technology, experience-based product design, efficient production management, and reliable in-house testing to maintain long-lasting dissolvers for wet grinding.


Thanks to accurate design work and efficient control over production, we make every product carefully made to your specifications. Our automated machinery provides the speed needed to help us meet your quotas. By handling complete processes within one factory area, we have the accuracy to make the dispersers meet you needs.


We carry out standardized testing to ensure sensors and smart controls operate smoothly to help with accurate dispersing. As we follow strict ISO:9001 protocols, we ensure our dispersers operate without the need for constant maintenance.


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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.