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JFS High-speed Agitator Disperser

Basic Information



Tech Specs

Parameter/Model JFS22 JFS30 JFS37 JFS45
Dispersing Motor Power kW 22 30 37 45
Impeller Diameter mm 250 300 300 350
Rotary Speed RPM 0-1500 0-1500 0-1500 0-1500
Centre-to-Centre Distance mm 900 1100 1100 1100
Lifting Travel mm 1100 1300 1300 1300
Rotary Motor Power kW 0.75 0.75 0.75 1.1
Height mm 2000 2300 2300 2300
Mainframe Rotary Angle ° 360° 360° 360° 360°



Structure of JFS Series


Optional Configuration

Parts Optional Configuration
Impeller Type Single impeller


Double impeller



Material of Impeller Stainless steel Non-metallic material
Electrical appliances General(Non-ex) Intrinsic Safety (Ex)
Control and display Operator Panel



Meter (operating panel type)

Outstanding Features

Pre-dispersion step with a high-speed Disperser

  • Hydraulic lifting and descending to ensure safety, no oil leak.
  • Optional mixer with the single shafts or double shafts, motor power varies from 2.2KW to 45KW.
  • Dispersing efficiency of double shaft agitator(JFS series) is 30% higher than single shaft.
  • Agitators with double-suction impeller are suitable for dispersing high viscosity, thick slurry materials.
  • The high-speed dissolver mixer is mainly utilized in pre-dispersing mixture.
  • Essential machines of assembly lines, often matched with bead mills.
  • It comes with different techniques according to various materials, capacity, powers, etc.
  • Applications: Paints and coatings, Cosmetics, Food and beverage, Pharmaceutical and biotechnology, coatings, paper, dyes, adhesives, inks, petrochemicals, environmental protection, and other fields.


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