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Dual Bag Filter Housing

Basic Information



Product Description

The Dual Bag Filter Housing is designed to offer efficient, reliable filtration solutions across various industries, including new energy, pharmaceuticals, and food production. Constructed from high-grade 304/316 stainless steel, this filter housing combines durability with a polished mirror finish both inside and out, enhancing the overall appearance and facilitating the filtration and cleaning processes, especially for high-viscosity slurries. Its versatile design allows for easy maintenance, cleaning, and reuse, while the filter precision and mesh material can be customized to meet specific application requirements.

Model Specifications

  • Filter Area: 0.1-0.5 m²
  • Maximum Flow Rate: 6-50 m³/h
  • Equipment Capacity: 4-30 L
  • Inlet/Outlet Size: DN25/32/40/50/65/80


This Dual Bag Filter Housing is especially suited for applications requiring high-purity filtration, such as sensitive chemical processes, critical pharmaceutical manufacturing, and food and beverage production where contamination prevention is crucial. Its design and construction make it suitable for both small-scale and large-scale operations, providing a balance of performance and ease of use.

Outstanding Features

High-Efficiency and Customizable Filtration System

  • Material Quality: Constructed from robust 304/316 stainless steel, known for its durability and corrosion resistance.
  • Mirror Polish Finish: The internal and external mirror polishing not only improves the appearance but also aids in the efficient filtration and easy cleaning of high-viscosity substances.
  • Customizable Filter Precision: Offers flexibility in filter accuracy and mesh material, tailored to various industry standards and specific processes.
  • Stable Filtration Performance: Ensures consistent filtration quality and speed, optimizing process reliability.
  • Portable Design Option: Available with an optional trolley-style design, making it simple to use and easy to move around as needed.
  • Wide Industry Application: Ideal for use in sectors demanding high standards of cleanliness and material integrity, such as new energy, pharmaceuticals, and food processing.


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