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Top-Ranked Wet Grinding Equipment Solutions Provider

Allwin Machine & Equipment Co., Ltd. established in 1993 with a registered capital of 20 million CNY, is headquartered in Chongqing, China. As a national high-tech enterprise and specialized new enterprise, we are dedicated to the research and development, manufacturing, and service of wet grinding equipment. With 30 years of industry experience, we have emerged as a leading professional manufacturer and service provider in the field of wet grinding, holding ISO9001:2015 certification.

Why Choose Allwin?

Allwin focuses on the research and production of bead mills, agitators, custom complete production lines, tanks, and zirconia beads. With three decades of industry experience, we have mastered the core technology of wet grinding. Through continuous innovation and a commitment to excellence, we have sold over 10,000 units and established extensive partnerships with 1065 collaborators worldwide, providing high-quality wet grinding solutions to global customers.

Bead Mills: Innovating Excellence

Our bead mill series, a flagship product of the company, was developed by one of the founders, Senior Engineer Mr. Wang Yongqi, who participated in the development of China’s first bead mill in 1967. Ranging from laboratory-scale 0.3L to large-scale 1000L specifications, our bead mill series includes rod-type nano bead mills, dual-power rod-type nano bead mills, high-flow nano bead mills, high-viscosity bead mills, laboratory bead mills, and classic disc bead mills. We offer customized bead mill equipment tailored to diverse customer needs.


Advanced Equipment and Digital Management Systems

We boast state-of-the-art equipment, including the HAAS EC-1600 CNC horizontal four-axis machining center imported from the United States, 8 CNC machine tools, and plasma cutting and welding robots. Our company’s factory comprises experimental testing rooms, cutting and shaping workshops, precision machining workshops, assembly workshops, and painting workshops. Additionally, we are committed to the application and development of digital management systems, having introduced OA/CRM/PLM/MES systems and planning to implement an ERP system. These digital management systems effectively coordinate various departments, enhancing efficiency and quality.


Customer Base and Product Advantages

Our customer base spans various industries, including battery materials, high-precision ceramics, nanomaterials, coatings, MLCC/LTCC, pharmaceuticals, beauty and skincare products, food, titanium dioxide, paper, inks, pesticides, graphene, metals, and non-metallic minerals. Key advantages of our products include:

  • Energy efficiency: Our products, equipped with low-energy-consumption motors, maintain production efficiency while achieving higher energy savings, with an efficiency rate of approximately 30%.
  • Unclogging: Optimized designs of screens, spindles, and centrifugal separators enable dynamic separation for unclogging-free discharge, ensuring excellent separation effects.
  • Material selection: Using internationally renowned brands for components, such as ABB/Schneider/Siemens electrical components, NSK bearings from Japan, and diaphragm pumps from Ingersoll Rand in the United States, ensures prolonged stable operation and low susceptibility to faults.
  • After-sales assurance: We offer a one-year warranty (excluding wear parts), respond to service requests within one hour, provide on-site repairs within 24 hours in Chongqing, and within 48 hours outside the city. We also offer discounted prices for wear parts, ensuring low maintenance costs.


Signature Product: HZ PLUS Series—Superior Nano Large-Scale Bead Mill

  • Models: 5L, 10L, 30L, 50L, 100L, 150L, 250L, 400L, 500L, 1000L
  • Grinding media diameter: 0.1mm—2.5mm
  • Fineness of grinding: Submicron to nanometer level
  • Inlet viscosity range: ≤ 10 Pa·s
  • Featuring a composite special grinding system with disc plates and rod-type components, it allows specific optimization of grinding parameters. The dynamic separation technology ensures exceptional separation effects, preventing clogging for extended lifespan. Suitable for water-based or thickened, difficult-to-mix and disperse materials, including battery cathode materials, water-based coatings, inks, food, cosmetics, and coatings.

Comprehensive Solutions

Allwin provides tailored solutions, encompassing process flow design, equipment supply, automation control systems, and on-site debugging. Whether establishing new production lines or upgrading existing ones, our professional expertise and comprehensive support aim to help clients achieve efficient, stable operations, enhance productivity, and reduce costs.



Our professional team and extensive industry experience make us a trusted partner in the industry. If you are interested in our products and services, feel free to contact us or leave a comment in the section below for more information.



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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.