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Sand Mill Customized Production Line

Custom Production Line

Allwin has a great engineer team, some take charge of sand mills, some for dispersers, some for laboratory series, some for tanks, some for the design of production line, some for our plant process.

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If you decide to construct a new workshop, or renovate an old plant, while you don’t clear how to choose the place to equipment, or you are not clear of the production process, or you don’t know how to higher the efficiency of the old process, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we can provide professional proposals, and you will pay for the design. ALLWIN can offer installation in domestic China, not abroad.


Cases Show

1. Production line design

A production line for material storage on the 3rd floor, dispersing on the 2nd floor, and grinding on the 1st floor, saving the space of the workshop.


2. Old plant renovation

The customer who purchased an old plant, contacted our engineer to redesign the overall arrangement and production line.


3. Process design

One pesticide customer processed SC with the tough condition, temperature-controlled bellow 25℃, grinding suspending agent fineness required less than 5 um, production efficiency required higher than 500Kg/h. According to the demands and requirements, Allwin design an economical and high efficient process line, finally finished machines and process design perfectly.

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