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Allwin’s Digital Leap: Transformative PLM and CRM Systems Revolutionize Operations


In our pursuit of continuous improvement, Allwin has embarked on a transformative journey by implementing cutting-edge digital management systems. The introduction of PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems has revolutionized our operations, fostering efficiency, and bolstering our commitment to sustainable growth.


PLM System Overview

Allwin’s PLM system, initiated in 2021 and currently undergoing the second phase of testing, is designed to optimize the entire product life cycle. Encompassing crucial modules such as design document management, collaborative design, process optimization, and simulation, our PLM system empowers us to manage product-related data seamlessly. Through digitization, we enhance production efficiency, product quality, and overall customer satisfaction.

Key Features of Allwin’s PLM System

  1. Comprehensive life cycle management: From ideation to disposal, our PLM system efficiently oversees every phase of product development.
  2. Integrated data structure: Allwin utilizes an integrated data structure to facilitate global collaboration, drawing insights and lessons from product life cycles.
  3. Informed decision-making: Our PLM system enables data-driven decision-making at each stage, ensuring unified strategies throughout the product life cycle.
  4. Source knowledge digitization: By digitizing enterprise product knowledge, applying simulation, and obtaining rapid feedback, Allwin achieves clear, accurate knowledge utilization, fostering innovation and optimization.

CRM System Introduction

Our CRM system, a cornerstone of customer-centric operations, serves as a dynamic tool for managing and analyzing customer-related data and interactions. Tailored to understand and meet customer needs, this system enhances satisfaction, promotes long-term relationships, and fuels business growth through intelligent decision support.

Key Attributes of Allwin’s CRM System

  1. Customer orientation: Focused on customer needs, the CRM system strengthens relationships, enhances satisfaction, and fosters long-term partnerships.
  2. Informatization management: Centrally managing diverse data, the CRM system equips us with insights for precise market strategies, elevating sales and service quality.
  3. Intelligent decision-making: Leveraging technologies like data mining and analysis, the CRM system offers reliable decision support, optimizing overall operations.
  4. Remote work capabilities: Allwin’s CRM system facilitates mobile management, empowering employees to manage customers, sales, and services on-the-go.

In Conclusion

As Allwin continues to evolve digitally, our commitment to implementing advanced systems like PLM and CRM underscores our dedication to operational excellence, customer satisfaction, and sustainable growth. The ongoing progress depicted in the second phase of PLM testing exemplifies our proactive approach to embracing the future of digital management.


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*We respect your confidentiality and all information are protected.