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mixing tank with agitator
tank stirrer
mixing tank with agitator
tank stirrer

Mixing Tank Stirring Tank With Agitator

The stirring tanks are commonly composed of two parts: tanks and agitating components. Tanks are usually made of SUS 304 stainless steel, elliptical head, lug, cooling jacket, deflector, flanged joint, supporting seat, suction opening, and so on. Agitating components are made up of bearing, shaft blocks, oil seal, dispersing system, speed reducer, motor, coupler, impeller, etc.

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Description of Stirring Tank

Stirring tanks are used for storage of pre-dispersing materials, such as ingredients and raw materials, with a high-speed driving impeller to well mix. The volume of tanks is designed by production capacity, so as the motor power. Meanwhile, there are different manners of installation, please see the below picture.


Mixing Tank Stirring Tank


Optional Configuration of Tank Stirrer

Stirring tanks are usually non-standard customized for users. Various kinds of impellers, different volumes, motor powers, electrical explosion performance are optional. Details are showed in bellow chart.


Parts Optional Configuration
Impeller structure

Single impeller

Double impeller


Material of Impeller Stainless steel Non-metallic material  
Electrical appliances General(Non-ex) Intrinsic safety Ex  
Control and display

Liquid crystal display

Meter (operation column type)

Volume  (L) 200L(least) 10000L(most)  
Motor power (kW) Match with volume    
Diameter of impeller(mm) Match with volume    
Rotating speed(rpm) Match with material and volume    


Product Display

Mixing Tank Stirring Tank With Agitator



  1. Tank stirrer belongs to non-pressure vessels, please remember to close the cooling water inlet valve first while using, and then close the outlet valve. This operation step is to avoid swelling because of pressure difference. 
  2. Transportation fees of tanks are much high because of their large volume, even though their weight is light. Most of our customers usually purchase tanks with our other machines, like sand mills, agitators, to share transportation costs.
  3. Selection of tanks and designation of platform usually effectively communicate with our engineers, who can wisely advise the appropriate optional configurations and design for installation sites.


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