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Mobile Cylinder
Moveable Cylinder
Mobile Cylinder
Moveable Cylinder

Mobile Cylinder

A mobile cylinder, as a temporary storage container, is used for small batch production transition and mixing. They are matched with mobile casters to move easily, to save time cost and labor costs.

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Description of the Mobile Cylinder

Materials of ALLWIN's mobile cylinders are usually SUS 304 stainless steel, SUS 316 also available if you required. The welding method is adopted as argon arc welding, weld joint is well handled, and looks in good order and beautiful. The inner surface is polished like a mirror, which is easy to clean after finish daily work. While the outer surface is optional from a mirror or non-mirror. The bottom of the cylinder can be customized to flat, arc, inclined. The inclined bottom is used at most, because of its convenience to discharge materials and clean. The bottom side is equipped with a discharging valve, connecting the pipeline for discharging conveniently. The upper part can be equipped with a cover to prevent material splashing and volatilization of solvent products in the stirring process.


Stainless steel mobile cylinder with a cover can prevent the solvent will be released, used widely for special product dispersion, mixing, emulsification.


Features of the Mobile Cylinder

  • Various types and styles, applied to many industries according to customer’s demands, belonging to non-standard customization.
  • According to the mode of movement, it is divided into caster mobile cylinder and non-caster cylinder. The caster mobile cylinder is usually applied for short-time storage and small batch production, while the non-caster cylinder is commonly used for large-scale production and has no need to move.
  • According to the number of layers, it can be divided into single-layer cylinders, ordinary double-layer cylinders.
  • According to the bottom form of the cylinder is divided into flat bottom, arc bottom and inclined bottom.
  • According to the materials of the cylinder, SUS 304 / 316 stainless steel is optional, volume can also be designed according to customer requirements.
  • Mobile universal brake wheel, mirror, or non-mirror surface are also available.


Product Display

  • The cover is designed with the newest thoughts of saving time and labor, is applied with the gear pair, when pulling one side of the handle shank, the other side of the cover opens the same. Usually used in coating, painting industries nowadays, other industries can also be used in common. 

Mobile Cylinder with special cover


  • Mobile cylinder with normal cover
    This kind of cylinder is with great and tight sealing, to effectively prevent pungent smell and solvent evaporation. It is also very popular with a large number of customers.

Mobile cylinder with normal cover


  • Mobile cylinder with no cover
    The non-covered mobile cylinder is often used in industries with no pungent smell or solvent evaporation, easy to observe the condition of materials.

Mobile cylinder with no cover


Parameter of Mobile Cylinder(Optional)

Parts Optional Configuration
Material SUS 304
stainless steel
SUS 316
stainless steel
Volume 100L(at least) 1000L(at most)l  
Thickness 1.5mm(at least)
Match with volume
3mm(at most)
Match with volume
Cover Patented cover Normal cover No cover
Polishing Mirror polishing Pull polishing  
Layer Sigal layer Double layer  
Types of bottom Flat bottom Arc bottom Inclined bottom


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