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horizontal bead mill
horizontal bead mill machine
horizontal bead mill part
horizontal bead mill
horizontal bead mill machine
horizontal bead mill part

Intelligent Grinding Platform Horizontal Bead Mill

The horizontal Bead mill uses the feed pump to circulate the materials in the tank and in the grinding chamber. Firstly the material was pumped into the sand mill, and stirred together with grinding media by the high-speed rotating disperser, and do irregular movements in all directions under the action of collision and friction. At the same time, the materials are separated from grinding media by the sieve, if need, could circulating from the tank to the grinding chamber to ensure a smaller particle size, narrower particle size range.

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Product Description

  • The ALLWIN series horizontal bead mill can be equipped with 3 kinds of dispersion systems on one machine, namely a disc grinding system and two peg grinding systems, which are more adaptable to materials.
  • The excellent heat dissipation system can reasonably take away the heat generated during the grinding process.
  • The touch screen and PLC control system can adjust the energy required for material grinding, record process parameters, and provide control parameters and maintenance data as required.
  • Outstanding appearance: All external parts except instrumentation and process piping are built-in, making the whole appearance look simple and elegant, with visual beauty, and it is also of great significance to the usual equipment maintenance and cleaning. Modular design makes maintenance and assembly more convenient and simple.
  • The multi-function trolley not only functions as a maintenance tool trolley, but also can be the tools for exchanging the grinding system. It also has the function of placing the grinding beads to avoid the loss of the grinding beads during the maintenance process, and one trolley can correspond to multiple devices.


Characteristic of Horizontal Bead Mill

  1. One machine has the functions for three machines and is used in a wide range of applications.
  2. Grinding various materials or need to upgrade the grinding system, the material has a wide range of adaptability and strong adjustability.
  3. Meet the needs of different production processes.
  4. Outstanding appearance: the structure of the whole machine is strong, all the functional parts are built-in, the whole machine is simple and refreshing, with strong lines and good stability, simple maintenance.
  5. Efficient energy control system with low unit energy consumption.
  6. The fineness can reach nanometer level, narrower particle size distribution.
  7. Efficient separation system and efficient cooling system.
  8. Should customize according to the detailed requirements.
  9. A variety of materials of dispersing and inner chamber: ceramic, alloy steel, polyurethane, etc.


Application Area

Suitable for dispersing, grinding materials in a variety of applications, such as Pain and Coating, Pigment and dyestuffs, Printing inks, Digital inkjet ink, Gravure inks, Medicine and Cosmetics, Pesticide and Agrochemical industry, Food and food processing, etc.



Model 10L 30L 50L


Tech Specs

Intelligent Grinding Platform Horizontal Bead Mill
Model Net volume of chamber (L) Power Grinding Media Diameter Grinding Throughput Capacity
(L) (kW) (mm) (kg/h)
ALLWIN10 10 22 0.1-3.0 40-550
ALLWIN30 30 37 0.1-3.0 70-900
ALLWIN50 50 55 0.1-3.0 100-1200


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