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Agitator Dissolver

Production Description

Agitator Dissolver is mainly widely used in coating, painting, printing inks, etc.


Agitator Dissolver is used for dispersing solids in liquids. The product is mixed in batches in an exchangeable tank. To mixing liquid with solids or other liquids, these machines are powered enough to stir mixtures in a vessel by high-speed rotation with various kinds of dispersion impellers, and motor powers according to customers' requirements or different actual situations.


These agitating dissolver is enabled to well distribute raw materials, discharge air, moisturize solids, to upgrade grinding efficiency for the next process.


In recent years, Allwin has successfully sold agitating-dispersing machines to many famous companies, like Aksol Nobel, Kansai paint,Musashi paint,Alisco paint, etc, has won a famous reputation in industries. Allwin expertizes in R&D, pays much attention to safety, efficiency, quality and service.


Common Process Flows of High-Speed Disperser 

  • High-speed dispersing by agitator → grinding by sand mills → mixing in tanks → wrapped by machines or hands.  
  • High-speed dispersing and mixing by agitator → wrapped by machines or hands.



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