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After-sales Service





From evaluation of damage suffered by the machine, or suggestion on the condition of any of your Allwin equipment.


Repair at your site


In case you need support at your facilities, we are availalbe to send our field service technicians from Allwin to your place. 


The service will include replacement or original parts, technical adjustments, re-assembly of the machine and re-commissioning as required, and of course, it also includes advice to your staff to ensure that we can learn lessons from every service issue.


Repair at Allwin


If you prefer to repair your machine at Allwin.


In this the case, we are able to provide our technicians to maintain and repair your equipment. After we return to your facility, we can re-install and/or commission as required.


Remote Service


This way can break through the restrictions of space and geography for barrier-free communication, it can reduce effective travel expenses, reduce business costs, and improve efficiency


Using easy tools such telephones, PC. 


Qualified and trained technicians will offer the best and fastest solution.